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bluesign® FINDER
positive chemicals list


All chemical products registered in the bluesign® FINDER passed the bluesign® CHEMICAL ASSESSMENT and comply with the Bluesign System Black Limits (BSBL; updates are published yearly in July).

The assessment of chemical products by bluesign considers the hazardous properties of the products and ingredients to eliminate substances of high risk and considers also the risk of exposure for the consumer, the worker and the environment during the application and use of the chemical product.

Therefore, we want to point out that the safe use of the chemical products listed in the bluesign® FINDER is assessed only for the application in the intended uses as written in the TDS (Technical Data Sheet) of the supplier and under the precondition that the production site follows the corresponding bluesign® CRITERIA (publicly available on our web page).

For the safe use of the products, please contact the supplier and/or strictly follow the instructions written in the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) as well as the information in the TDS (Technical Data Sheet).

There are exceptions from the usage ban for a few solvents (see BSBL) when used in selected applications which are currently state of the art (e.g solvent based coating that is applied in a facility that has the proper controls in place as defined in the bluesign criteria).

The commercial bluesign® FINDER has additional instructions in place which emphasize the possible risks as well as important proper handling information for each chemical product.

The responsibility for the proper use of the chemical products is in each case with the company who uses the chemical product in its production area.

*BSBL: A list that specifies threshold limits for chemical substances in finished chemical products such as auxiliaries or dyes. The BSBL threshold limits are fixed limits, independent from any type of application to be seen as a minimum requirement and as a gate keeper for undesirable substances following a hazard-based approach. It is one part of the bluesign® CHEMICAL ASSESSMENT. The compilation of substances in the BSBL is an extract of the bluesign® TOOL and includes all substances from the publicly available bluesign® system substances list (BSSL) for which usage ban in articles is defined.

bluesign® FINDER

The bluesign FINDER includes over 21'000 third party verified commercially available textile dyes and auxiliaries out of over 28,000 assessed chemical products. Learn more...

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